Possible to use multiple drivers for multi gpu?

  • Workstation, not server, so I need one gpu for displays, the rest for compute.
  • 6.1.55-1-MANJARO (Arch) system, either Xorg or Wayland

I want to use an old Quadro nvs450 but it needs old 340xx driver, while the other gpu(s) need new drivers.
I could perhaps also use a generic driver like modesetting, but I can’t get Xorg to load up modesetting for the quadro.

How can this be done? Can I somehow have several nvidia drivers installed without conflict? Do I need to use some generic driver? How do I set that up?


This only works with a lot of hassle. First of all, it absolutely doesn’t work by loading two different nvidia proprietary driver versions. Then, the 340 driver is out of support for years now, I doubt you wil find a working one. What works to some degree is using the nouveau driver+nvidia driver. In short, blacklist nouveau, let the nvidia driver load, possibly using the NVreg_ExcludedGpus to not try the old gpu, then manually loading the nouveau driver to override the blacklist, then starting X/wayland. Or use no driver and deal with simpledrm/framebuffer device without accel. Or buy a simple, modern graphics card.

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you make good points except I just looked up newer graphics cards and none are as good as this old one: 4xdisplayport, fanless, compact, low energy, $ = free since I own it. If you know of one that would be great, 2x ports is okay.
I did try nouveau and it wouldn’t display unfortunately.
Is there are guide to use it with no driver, curious about that.

UPDATE: okay pcpartpicker shows cards with multi displayport and even fanless options.So there’s that. It would be good to have more control over a system and the drivers though