Possible to wire external power LED on C02 Dev Board?

I’m building two systems and have B04 and C02 dev boards. It’s clear I can wire an external LED to show the power status of the board on the B04, but I can’t see any documentation if this is available on the J20 header on the C02.

The issue is that while the B04 switches on with a quick (power) button press, the C02 seems to require pressing and holding the power button for about a second for it to boot. Holding the power button for less time causes momentary lighting of onboard LEDs, but on release they fade back to black and the board does not boot. The idea is the external LED will indicate whether the power button has been held for a sufficient time to boot board.

Hi, not sure why you need such a LED for that. The LED on board already can indicate whether the pressing is long enough as the LED will ON only if the pressing is long enough.

For my application, the board will be enclosed and not visible. I will be wiring an external power switch that will be accessible. I take it the new C02 board does not have a pin for the power LED as the B04 board did (J4)?

J4 is also on the C02 board, you can use it to indicate booting success.

I can’t believe I missed that. Thank you.