Post Installation doesn't finish - JetPack 3.0 on Jetson TX2

Hi, this is my first question.

I have a problem at post installation.
My problem is similar to #13 of

I can flash the OS on Jetson manually, but post installation is failed.

The following is details of my problem.
I enter the ip address (verified, tested with ssh), and “nvidia” “nvidia” for user and password, and get the “Post installation click next etc” dialog. I click “next”. an xterm then pops up and asks me for “’s password:” which is a little puzzling because I entered it in the dialog before but ok, so I type “nvidia” and hit enter, and am asked for the password again in the same xterm, ok, I type it. Everything just hangs.

I tried <JetPack_dir>/_installer/PageAction jetpack_device_info set_info nvidia nvidia
and result is

2017/10/19 06:34:52 dialing:dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

Please help me.

If you use your host’s command line (and not the JetPack pop-up), what happens if you try “ssh nvidia@whatever_it_is_address”? If something has changed from the flash it is possible ssh thinks there is a man-in-the-middle and is refusing (but under JetPack you might not see the error).

Maybe, I can do ssh connection ordinarily.

The following is what happens when I try “ssh nvidia@IP_ADRESS”.

Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.15-tegra aarch64)

 * Documentation:

550 packages can be updated.
272 updates are security updates.

Last login: Fri May  6 14:50:27 2016 from

So the issue can be verified as not being an ssh security issue. Note that you can run JetPack after rebooting a Jetson, and without flashing it…updates can be at any time if you check the right install options (e.g., don’t check flash, don’t check host installs, only check Jetson installs). There have been several people who are able to restart JetPack and the Jetson and get install to succeed when working purely with the software additions and not flashing.

Note: You may want to install package “ssh-askpass” on the host which runs JetPack. This is related to when more than one password response is required.

There is also the question of how the Jetson is connected to the host network? Is it wired to a router, or is it using the Jetson host itself as a router? Beware that if WiFi is used it won’t work (WiFi from Jetson to router or host won’t work, WiFi elsewhere is ok).

Thank you to answer my question!!
As you told me, this is as ssh security issue. I could resolve the problem by doing ssh-keygen command.

But I got the “Clock skew is detected” message and post installation never finished. I guess this error is caused by deviation of the clock of host PC and Jetson TX2. How can I resolve the this new problem? Please help me.

Basically you can ignore ssh security as the issue.

A clock skew typically means files on a system have a time stamp in the future. Often this happens when downloads or installs use the clock of a different machine which is accurate (and creates the time stamp), but then the machine using the file has its time unset (and thus file time stamp is in the future).

The clock skew may be related to network time protocol (NTP) not working on the Jetson despite time being valid on the host. NTP can’t function if networking isn’t working (and DNS for name-to-dotted-decimal format lookup). This in turn might be related to a firewall or to the router setup. How is the Jetson connected…to a router or through a PC acting as a router?

Incidentally, it is quite possible for networking to be perfectly ok even though named address lookups fail…DNS does this and is a second setup on top of DHCP.