Post Installation on Jetson TX1 hanging

I’ve been setting up my Jetson TX1 through my linux box. Everything goes smoothly, but it hangs towards the end, after cross-compiling the CUDA samples and running the matrix-multiplication test. I press enter to continue as instructed, but nothing happens.

It appears that all installed ok, it’s just the installation has hung at this final step. Is it safe to restart the Jetson: checking since this process involves flashing the OS, and I don’t want to brick the little guy. I assume that since it got through the CUDA samples that I should be ok to just reboot.

I suspect it is ok to reboot…this would not brick the JTX1 at this stage (very little actually bricks one…mostly it’d just mean flashing again for worst case).

It will appear to hang after you start flashing and mention something about rebooting. Ignore this. Start flashing and leave it alone for at least 2 hours. Make sure the USB cable is connected at all times and that the host and TX1 are all on the same network.