Post installation problem Jetson TX2

I already reported this problem for the JetPack 3.2 here:

However, I am having the same exact problem with the JetPack 3.1 using an Ubuntu 14.04 as host.
The cuda-repo file is copied correctly on the jetson but the installation doesn’t start.
The host and the jeston are connected to the same switch via ethernet. Unfortunately I cannot try to connect the jetson directly to the host.

Looking with htop I see the command to start the installation. See this screenshot
The problem is that if I try to run the same command from the Terminal it doesn’t work because the tilde (~) is expanded on my machine and not on the jetson. If run it with quotes around the sudo command, it works on the jetson.
I am not sure this is relevant/useful though.


Substitute “/home/nvidia/” for “~” (e.g., “/home/nvidia/cuda-l4t/”). In other cases quoting will do the job…it depends on circumstances (e.g., “~/cuda-l4t/”).

Do you know where I could replace that?
I tried with an alias on the host like this, alias ~="/home/nvidia" but it didn’t work.


I can’t see enough to name where it all starts. As an example, the following is probably an incomplete path since normally there is no “/local”, but is normally “/usr/local”:

Copying /local/scratch/am2266/jetson3.2/jetpack_download/cuda-repo-l4t-9-0-local_9.0.252-1_arm64.deb file to target...

Basically there will be a script somewhere which is using the “~”, but “~” may change depending on how you connect and whether or not sudo is there. Somewhere you will want to replace the “~” with the actual home directory path.

I cannot test because JetPack3.2 pre-release fails for me…all repository information is missing (which means I cannot even do a manual wget download). I’m not sure if it is related to what you are finding or not.