Post of indignation

Two months ago, I received the Jetson Nano Develop Kit, but it did not turn on. I even asked a question on this forum:
I was sent to look for problems in the SD card. However, I did not have time to understand what the problem was. Yesterday I decided to sort it out. After many tests, I found out that the problem was in the DDR4 connector. The board is not perfectly inserted into the slot and does not work if it is bolted down. By manipulating the pieces of paper, I managed to flash the board with sdkmanager and start the computer. However, the floating contact will not allow me to use the computer for its intended purpose and I do not know what to do with it yet. I am sitting sad. I hope someone will find this information useful…

Hi naym13, sorry for the trouble. From what you describe with the main connector, it sounds like a hardware problem. We recommend that you RMA the unit for replacement under warranty:

You can provide the customer care agent a link to this post as proof of our approval for RMA. Our apologies for the inconvenience with your Nano.