Post/Thread doesn't show up in this forum, it's declared as "hidden"

I’ve recently opened a thread in this forum, but for some reason it doesn’t show up in this list (unless I am logged in). Plus at the bottom of the post (where the Post# should be) it just says " hidden posts not numbered"… However I am not aware of having declared my post as “hidden”. Did I run into some spam filter?

I’m having exactly the same issue with my first thread.

I’ve had the same problem.

Same here.

This is my most recent post:

But I can’t see it on the forums unless I login. At the bottom of the post it says “hidden posts not numbered”.

I’m having the same problem. There is a thread on the ‘main’ nvidia forums which suggests that this happens to accounts which are flagged as spam. Not sure about any of you, but I’m here with a legitimate post.
here’s the post on main forums

Kind of a party foul from nvidia. How can we fix this?

My posts and messages seem hidden too. :S I’m not a spam.

I made a poste and its hidden, too :( how to get out of that spam filter?

I am having the same issue, I created a new thread and it seems to be hidden. I have created 2 threads in total. And I am pretty sure I didn’t try to sell anything in them.

Can this be fixed please?

I am also getting negged

Same here, and I am not a spammer nor do I post messages for ulterior motives. I have sent a couple of messages to support but nothing has changed. Can someone please help.

Thanks in advance


why my posts as showing as “hidden” can anyone help us to fix this issue.

I have the same issue. Definitely not spam!

Me too. I have a forum post about cards of the 900 family not resuming from suspend. It does not show up unless I login and you cant search for it.

I am having a similar problem now:

does one need to somehow get permission for their account to create new topics?

On the geforce drivers forum, It’s done this for years and still does. As far as I can see, nobody but me can even see any of my threads. Maybe they do this to cover complaints up, but at the same time make the person ‘think’ they actually did something

I am having the same issue:

Me too:

Will this ever be fixed?

@oakleaf_dragonstein That thread about long-running kernels is visible to me. What exactly does “me too” refer to? [Later:] Hm, now I don’t see that thread in the forum overview either. Seems like a bug in the forum software is giving it selective amnesia. Or spam detection may have been triggered by what someone else posted to your thread? Seems unlikely from what I can see, but who knows how accurate machine learning is …

Have a same issue.

I have the same issue. How to unlock one’s thread that was marked as hidden ?