Post was auto-tagged as spam, how long before it's reviewed?

Hi. I wrote a long post detailing my problems with installing the NVIDIA G06 (510.60.02-lp153.6.1) drivers on openSUSE 15.3. I edited the post about five times, adding more detail. After enclosing the nvidia-smi output in a code block, the post was hidden and said would be reviewed shortly, but it’s been 12 hours. Do posts get reviewed or am I better off recomposing? (It’s a long post, so rather frustrating to have to remake.) Thanks.

I’ll try to find it - thanks for the heads up

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Subject was “openSUSE 15.3, T600, black but working login and desktop”, if that helps in the search.

I found it and undeleted it. Let me know if it’s still not showing up for some reason.

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