Potential errors in the Jetson-TX2-Generic-Pinmux.xlsm from 01 May 2017


In the pinmux definition file “Jetson-TX2-Generic-Pinmux.xlsm” two pins in DSI CSI block probably defined incorrectly: in the sheet DSIO_D1- defined as H30 and DSIO_D1+ defined as H31, but in the schema they are routed to the H32 and H33 pins accordingly and H31 connected to the ground. Please fix it.

hello avolkov,

thanks for point out the erroneous.
we had some fixes and update to the attachment. [url]pinmux-dts2cfg.py gives errors from default pinmux - Jetson TX2 - NVIDIA Developer Forums
could you help review the updated spreadsheet. thanks

Hello Jerry Chang,

Thank you for for your answer, but unfortunately above bug presented in the pointed sheet too.

BTW Why I updated sheet still doesn’t published in yours “downloads”?

Hi avolkov,

The Jetson TX2 Module Pinmux v1.04 was published, which should include the fix you mentioned.