Power Adapter for Jetson Nano

I would like to ask if power supply of 5V 2.4A to the Jetson Nano will cause the controller over supply and burn?

The amperage rating is only a limit to how much the device can draw if it wants to; you cannot “push” amperes into a device.
So, sometimes the Nano wants to draw up to 2A of power over the USB, so at long as your power supply can supply at least 2A of power while staying at 5V voltage, you’ll be fine.
I’m using a 5V 10A power supply with no problems, and the Jetson idles at 0.44A but draws up to 1.8A when doing “moderate usage” things. I haven’t benchmarked how much it draws when running all the GPU and CPU and video things at once.

Hi, Jetson nano will consume some power based on the running application. Also there are thermal design to guarantee system not be hurt.