Power and connections for Jetson TX1

Hi, I am trying to figure out the power that would be required for the board with some sensors that I need to connect. I am mounting this on a robot and haven’t yet chosen a battery. I have a ZED camera that requires 5V/380mA connected to this at the USB3.0 port, a multisense S7 camera powered separately that is connected to this via the Gigabit ethernet port and VLP-16 lidar that also needs to be connected to a 100Mbps ethernet connection. How do I connect botht the multisense S7 camera and the Velodyne lidar to the Jetson TX1 and how what kind of battery should I be looking at? I would appreciate any quick answers, thanks

Hi rajravi,

Please refer to OEM DG for each part connections design. The total power is decided by your external devices plus module. As you can find see in previous discuss, the power of module is 6.5W~15W. Your ZED camera is 5x0.38=1.9W. What’s your S7 camera power? You can add them up and get the total power.

For battery choice, please search other related topics in forum, such as this one: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/914529/battery-for-jetson-tx1/