Power Button Absolute Max Voltage

The OEM design guide states that the power button input to the module is 3.3V open drain. What is the absolute max voltage this input can handle? Can this input pin support a 5V open drain? i.e. a pull-up on the carrier to 5V instead of 3.3V?

Hi, 3.3V is based on request of power button supervisor on carrier board, for module, it can be 5V pull-up as you can see in figure 11, simplified button power-on design.

There is a series diode (RB521S30T1G) in figure 11 which would block the 5V signal to the module pin. I have already released a design which does not have this diode to protect the module pin. Can you please confirm that 5V to pin L61 on the Xavier module is okay and will not cause damage? I want to ensure I do not damage the Xavier module when I power on my carrier prototypes and send 5V to this pin.

Your design is not validated on dev kit, but generally it should be OK w/o this diode as there is gating design on this pin in module. But still suggest to add the diode in next version just in case.