Power Button with jetson nano B01


I have nano B01 model and want to connect a momentary power switch to it.
Switch have 5 wires NC,NO,C,LED+ and LED- . I have connected led+ and led- of switch on jetson nano on J50 . But have doubt where to connect remaining 3 wires of switch. Any help will be appreciated.

PS:Already disable the auto power on.

Already read many forms but not found a specific for B01 model.

It depends on the request of switch, you should be able to find that in its datasheet.

sorry, I didn’t get you.

I have doubt which pins of switch(NC,NO,C) should be connected to pin 11 and 12.
Attached is the switch I have switch

Not sure about that, you can try NO + C or NC + C to find out which is your option.

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