Power Cable/Adaptor Question for Tesla M40 in Dell C4130

Hello - I am currently planning for an upgrade of the GPUs in my Dell C4130 from AMD models to Tesla M40. In the C4130, the GPU power cable is this Dell P/N:


This cable has one 8 pin connector, and one 6 pin connector for the GPU.

From what I can see, the 8 pin input on the M40 is slightly different than the shape of the Dell DF5NR cable, and doesn’t seem to fit. So my question is this.

The Tesla GPU cards came with an adapter, NVIDIA P/N: 030-0571-000, what I can see, is that, the input for this adapter (the mail side) matches the 8 pin from the Dell cable. Is the proper cabling then for this server/GPU combo just the 8 pin from the Dell cable to the NVIDIA adapter, and then to the GPU?