Power considerations for Jetson nano production module

This is to cover the power supply requirements for Jetson nano production module including carrier board

We are trying to port our IOT prototype base on Jetson nano div kit to Jetson nano production module.
The first lesson was to get a carrier module which can be found with suppliers like AUVidea.

However we could not find enough information about the power supply considerations for:

1-JN30B PSE(which requires extra cooling as the embedded DC adaptor heats up on load), could not find any info about what sort of cooling is enough ie. Is heat sink and the fan are enough or ???

2-JN30B PSE48. It requires external power supply 12-48 DC voltage, however I could get what is the required Ambers for the power supply, or any other considerations that might be required.

Unfortunately we can not proceed anymore because of this issue.

So just wondering if anyone can help in that regards .
Thanks in advance

Hi, the most power consumption is on module, and the general power of module is 5 - 10W. The maximum limit input current to module is 5A. For more info of carrier board requests, you’d better to check with AUVidea directly.