Power consumption estimations & hardware (regulator) recommendations


we just received our NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit (940-63550-2200-100). Now we are planning our vehicle setup and are wondering about the “real” power consumption. I know it is hard to judge it right no but do you have any average values (especially we are currently looking for values using the NVIDIA Turing dGPU but not the SoCs).

Also I would be interested if you have any proposals for power regulators / buffers to withstand power peaks (or maybe a short power outage)?

Thank you!

Dear Dominik_M,

Could you please refer to “DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Mechanical & Installation Guide (PDF)” in https://developer.nvidia.com/drive/documentation for your topic?

Dear SteveNV,

We checked the manual “NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SYSTEM MECHANICAL INSTALLATION GUIDE”, but it seems there are some inconsistencies. We have the SKU2200 (dual GPU). The manual says EDP current 95A and inrush current 130A. If you look to the connectors, Anderson SB50, they are rated for only 50A and wire size up to 16mm². For currents up to 95A (@12VDC) a thicker wire and connector should be used… So are the given values in the manual wrong or are the used connectors and wires dimensioned wrong?

Looking forward to your answer!