Power consumption in off state

What’s the TX1’s power consumption in the off state when power is good but the button just hasn’t turned it off yet. It must consume some small amount of power in this state.

The VDD_IN supply to module only give several DCDC and Voltage Monitor, there would some small current when power is good to charge capacitors, after that there should only tiny off consumption about 0.1mA.
The PMIC on module have RTC can consume power but it’s thourgh VDD_RTC about 2.2uA, none from VDD_IN.

Also remember that USB devices might add a tiny amount to the power drain even if the system is not booted. I think PCIe might do this as well, e.g., for network cards with WOL.

FWIW, I was able to measure 0.81mA as follows:

  1. Rework Jetson carrier board to remove LB12, LB13, LB14 and R264:
  2. Install ammeter in series where R264 used to be
  3. Apply power using in-box power supply (19V) and measure current at room temperature

Couldn’t get a fuse for the Agilent 34410A 6.5 digit multimeter I wanted to use, so instead used a Fluke 175 (400mA range). The meter’s accuracy is:
Accuracy* ± (1.0%+3)
Max. Resolution 0.01 mA
Maximum 10 A

Result is 0.81mA.

Of course, this isn’t characterized over silicon process variation, input voltage, or temperature variations, but it gives you an idea.