Power consumption of JTX1

I am providing 12v to TX1 module
what would be the power consumption of JTX1 in LP0 mode ?
how to estimate this is there any datasheet explaining this detail

The power consumptions in LP0 depends on what devices are enabled during this mode, You can measure LP0 power consumptions at VDD_19V_CON

You can press the power button and observing signal CARRIER_STBY# which will go low level during LP0.

Hi kenny
Thanks for the reply
Can GPIO pins driven high when in LP0
how to enable and disable (configure the peripheral) LP0 MODE ?
Please provide some reference for checking this feature or checking this implementation

Please refer to the Table 28 Pin List of datasheet .

You can choose the any GPIO which direction is output or Bidir and make sure the power rail will not be turned off during LP0 (for example , GPIO_7/TOUCH_RST which power rail is CMOS-1.8V)