Power consumption of the GPU on Jetson TK1

Anybody could help me ?

I need to know the power consumption of the GPU on Jetson TK1, I’m doing a research about energy efficiency and I need to know this numbers.

Anybody know how can I monitor this ? Or has this information somewhere ?

Unfortunately I think it’s not possible to measure just the GPU power consumption on Jetson TK1. Schematics are available, if somebody is skillful enough to verify that.

Well, AS3722 PMU allows measuring SD6 output current with its internal ADC.
And SD6 powers VDD_GPU on Jetson TK1 so it should be possible to measure GPU current consumption from Linux running on Jetson TK1.
ADC conversion time is 40 us typ.

How I can use the AS3722? There is some guide? Thx


Yeah, but the datasheet of the AS3722 it’s not public. :(

Yes, you’re right, sorry about that.
Indeed we had to sign an NDA with AMS to get it.

Maybe AS3722 linux driver sources might help you?

I ask to ASM for the datasheet, but i haven’t an answer. There are also linux driver, but I don’t know how use it for my scope.