Power Consumption Problem under 13V


I am using a xavier agx developer edition with a 12V 10A MeanWell industrial power supply.

The official documents says:

For optimal efficiency, a lower voltage power
supply should be used. For example, a standard 9V power supply provides better
efficiency over a 19V one. As the input voltage increases from 9V up to 19V the module
operating efficiency will drop off.

If I increase the load to the xavier (with some yolo detection (rtsp source + nvv4l2h264enc restreaming ) into a docker container) the whole system will die. Its not possible for me to run 4 containers at 12V.

With 19V everthing is fine.

Testet and reproduced on 3 different xavier agx with a fresh Jetpack 4.5 and a nvcr.io/nvidia/l4t-ml:r32.5.0-py3 image

Could someone try to reproduce this “feature”

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Hi, please refer to chapter DV/Dt Circuit Considerations in Xavier OEM DG in DLC. The lower voltage supply may be not sufficient to heavy load. There are some suggestion in the chapter for your reference.

nice thank you … nvidia “could” clarify this a little bit more!

recommendation 1:

use a lower voltage power supply

recommendation 2:

use a higher voltage power supply

anyway … after 2 weeks of testing and desperation the whole application runs as expected

Hi Trumany, it is possible to log/monitor the “Power Loss Detection” ? My system is now running on 19V / ~1.985A = 37W. Is this to much “power” for the DV/Dt circuit ? The xavier dies randomly between 4-20 hours and I have no explanation for it.

should I throttle the whole system or tune the DV/Dt circuit with the diode methode ?

Best regards Martin

Dv/Dt is the rate of power voltage change. 37W is not so high, but not sure about the changing rate of workload of your system, also you can check if it is caused by high temperature. If not by temperature, you can try modification listed in DG.


changing nvpmodel from maxn to mode 3. Increase voltage from 19V to 20V. Xavier is now running smooth at 1,1A

tegrastats :

RAM 10345/15825MB (lfb 834x4MB) SWAP 0/7912MB (cached 0MB) CPU [90%@1190,85%@1190,78%@1190,75%@1190,77%@1190,72%@1190,78%@1190,65%@1190] EMC_FREQ 67%@1600 GR3D_FREQ 98%@905 NVENC 115 NVENC1 115 VIC_FREQ 0%@ 115 APE 150 MTS fg 1% bg 2% AO@41.5C GPU@44C Tdiode@46.25C PMIC@100C AUX@40.5C CPU@43.5C thermal@42.3C Tboard@38C GPU 6838/6718 CPU 2860/2860 SOC 3654/3654 CV 0/0 VDDRQ 2703/2703 SYS5V 2929/2899

Hoping for the best

Best regards Martin

Hello m.fischer hope all is well.
I tried increasing to 19 v but i still face the same problem when it comes to the jetson turning off.
How do you know how much current is being drawn at peak load ?

Also did you try the diode method to tune the dv/dt circuit? i would like to know more about it if you did.

have a nice weekend !

Hi @anthonycattan.ac

Jetpack 4.5 and some bluethoot stuff is to blame and not the power supply… with 4.4 everything is fine.

4.4 is running for more then 3 weeks without any shutdown

see xavier-freeze-in-maxn-mode

best regards

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