Power consumption problems

I’m using bank supply 5v 3a on nano jetson. But seem it’s enough for my system, camera and motor can not working in the same time. So I choose new one with power jack supply. When I set it 5v , the jetson is very slow and can not turn on camera. Everything only work fine with power atleast 5.3V. I don’t know why, is it make any damage to my machine, And what maximum vol that I can set but still keep safe.

It would be a bad idea to keep raising voltage. See:

The issue is usually that the power has to be very stable over short time periods. If the supply has sufficient power, but shuts down under higher current draw, then better regulation would help. In particular, a cheap solution which sometimes helps is a combination of:

  • Thicker power wires with lower resistance.
  • A large capacitor direct at the point of power reaching the Nano (e.g., several thousand uF).