Power Consumption Split-up

As mentioned in the datasheet, the TMP (Total module Power) is 15W.
What is the power consumed by the individual components, say SoC, DDR, eMMC, etc. ?
Can you give the split up of Power consumption so that we can run thermal simulation on the module for effective heatsink design.

Hi, the 15W is a general value. The detail power consumption and distribution depend on use case. There is introduction in thermal DG in DLC for your reference to think about the most points which need to consider to control the temperature. Customer should simulate and design thermal solution based on their target use case.

Thank you Trumany for your response.
Inorder to run thermal simulation, we need to feed individual component power dissipation and not as a module. So, we would find it helpful if atleast an approximate power consumption splitup is available.
Is there any document showing the power consumption chart based on various use cases?

No such doc can be shared. The most power consumption is on Tegra chip, and even same power consumption can have different thermal spread with different use case.