Power consumption while in sleep (SC7) state? Wake-up time? Any idle power consumption when powered-off?


We’re currently exploring using the Jetson Nano module in a battery-powered application in which we need to be able to survive ~1 week on a single charge, with most of that time being in a sleep/low-power state. A sensor/microcontroller would detect when the Nano would need to wake up to capture/process data from USB sensors for a few minutes.

I’m trying to evaluate power consumption vs. wake-up time for the Nano for power budgeting and to explore possible implementation options, but I haven’t been able to find the following information either in the documentation or these forums. Would y’all be able to help?

  1. When the Nano is in deep sleep (SC7) mode, what is its typical power consumption? Rough numbers are fine here, I care about order-of-magnitude. I found this thread for the Xavier NX stating 200mW, but I’m not aware enough of these devices to know how representative that one might be.

  2. How quickly can the Nano resume from deep sleep mode? We potentially need it to be running userland processes within 5s.

  3. If we power off the Nano instead of using sleep mode, does it still draw any idle power from the 5V input?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Marc-Alexandre Chan

hello marc.chan,

please enable the commands, $ sudo systemctl suspend, to test this locally.
you may also check similar discussion thread, Topic 159496;
for example, NX takes around 3-second to resume from deep-sleep.

you may also refer to Software-Based Power Consumption Modeling by checking the INA3221 power monitor.