Power consumption with VDDIN given, but before module_power_on starts power on sequence

Hi, My question is for both Orin AGX and NX.
What is the power consumption or What components on the module will be active after giving VDDIN but before module_power_on starts power on sequence?
The purpose of this questions is to figure out, if we have to gate VDDIN or it could be always there and only module_power_on needs to be controlled?

I read, ‘The carrier board 3.3V power supply that powers any module I/O must be off within 1.5 ms of SYS_RESET* assertion.’, Can you please explain what is module I/O? Any pins connected to the module?


VDDIN can be always there as the PMIC on module won’t be enabled if module_power_on is not asserted.

The I/O ports means the shared pins b/w module and carrier. That is to let module power on first and won’t be affected by I/O pin status change that might be caused by carrier power supply.

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