Power issue of Xavier NX production modue


I have the Xavier NX production module. It has 250 GB SSD of WD Black SN770. I am facing some power issues suddenly after months of working with it. I have flashed the jetpack on SSD and extended internal storage.

Please see in the attached video, there is continuous blinking of the power LED. To debug the issue, I removed the SSD and now the power is back.

Any reason for this behavior? My main applications are on SSD, so just Xavier is no use to me.
What might be the reason for this unreliable issue?

Hi justahuman,

Are you using AGX Xavier or Xaiver NX?
Is that on the carrier custom board?

Do you mean if you don’t connect the SSD, it would work as normal and boot up successfully(w/o power LED blink)?

Thank you for your response.

Yes its Xavier NX. I bought the board from ReComputer.

yes, it’s working after I removed the SSD. with SSD, the power is blinking continuously, Xavier won’t start with SSD in it.

Okay, I’ve helped you to move the topic to “Jetson Xavier NX” category.

Is there any serial console log output at this moment?

Ok. Thank you Kevin,

How do we collect console log ? can you please help me understand

For the devkit from NVIDIA, you could refer to the following instruction to capture them.
Jetson - Serial Console

You are using the custom carrier board from ReComputer, you should find the TXD/RXD/GND pin on that board and connect to the host through serial console cable for the log.

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