Power Issue

I have a 5v-5A power supply,I misconnected the + and - terminals of the barrel jack so of course when connecting the jack, the Jetson didn’t respond . After connecting the terminals right,the Jetson also didn’t respond although when I used the Micro USB ,It worked well but I need high power for the camera. I measured the voltage on the J48,It was 4.7 and the voltage on the J25 was 5.1
Is the J25 or the Jack powering module damaged or there is some kind of protection on it ,or the problem is in the power supply?

thanks in advance

Hi, please measure the voltage of C315 (330uF) capacitor when only power supply from Jack. If it is not ~5V, then the regulator U58 might be broken.

Thanks Trumany for your reply,
I think the U58 is broken, can I replace it or is there a way to fix this problem? Knowing that I am using the kit in my graduation project and time is very important for me.

You can remove U58 chip and use USB power supply as the VDD_5V_IN might be held by broken U58.

Will the USB power supply give the 4A current as i am using ZED stereo camera and using the microUSB makes the Jetson power off continuously even with only keyboard, mouse and HDMI.

You can use 4A or more adapter + USB cable.