Power Jetson TK1 with PEO injector

I can’t find the answer anywhere. Can anyone tell me could Jetson TK1 that enables all CPU cores and has maximum GPU rate work well with a PEO Injector 48V?
Thanks in advance.

Assume you mean PoE, full load power consumption of Jetson TK1 is about 12.5W, which can be supplied by PoE.

Thanks for your reponse!
However, I tested it yesterday and jetson was running well for 5 minutes until it automatically shut down. I only use a HDMI screen display, mouse/keyboard and a camera ZED. I set the CPU always runs with 4 cores and GPU rate is 396000000.

Did you measure the input current? Did the fan keep working?

How can i mesure the input current? And no, the fan stop working after running a heavy program for like 2 minutes.

Power up board with DC supply, you can read the current.
The fan should not stop, that will cause chip too hot and so shut down.