power monitor critical pin connection

the critical and warning pin in the power monitors are connected to which pins on the Jetson TX2 module?
what happens if i dont use these critical and warning signals from the power monitors?

Hi, they are float and unconnected to any pins of module.

but in the jetson tx2 OEM DG it says they are connected to the Tegra GPIO_MDM6 and Tegra BATT_OC in section 3.6.1 Power Monitor.
if they are left unconnected the power monitors communicate with the TX2 module only by I2C, is that correct?

I mean the monitors on carrier board have left this pin unconnected. The monitors mentioned in OEM DG are in module, no need to concern their pin connections.

ok got it, thanks

the power monitors used on the carrier board, are they used for any purpose and what happens if we dont use them?

They are for monitoring rails on carrier board, can be removed if necessary.