Power MUX for NX carrier board


I am designing custom carrier board for Orin NX module. I noticed in the design guide following statement (on Page 19)

Designs which implement an eFUSE or current limiting device on the input power
 rail of the module should select a part that DOES NOT limit reverse current.

I am not sure I understood this note. Can you explain why reverse current limit is not recommended here?


Hi, please refer to this topic.

Thank you for the direction.

Is there a specific number of how much is the maximum load transient of NX module in unit of amps per micro-second?

So I can refer to when determine what level of transient response the power source should have.

No such data is available.

I have a power IC which has 40mV dropout on 2.5A/uS load transient in datasheet.
Do you think it is enough to handle the NX module’s load requirement?

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