Power of Jetson x1 different areas

Hi to all!!

I have found out that to measure the power(or current or voltage) of Jetson x1 i have to measure the power of 9 different areas.

1)main module power input
2)GPU Power rail
3)CPU Power rail
4)main carrier board power input
5)main carrier board 5V supply
6)main carrier board 3.3V supply
7)carrier board 3.3V Sleep supply
8)main carrier board 1.8V supply
9)3.3V supply for M.2 Key E connector

Could you please explain me what these areas are, and what the power of each area means for me and for the total power of my board?

Thaink you in advance!

Hi, please check the Power chapter of OEM DG, also there is a page of Power Tree in schematic of carrier board. GPU and CPU power rails are in module which so can not be measured outside.