power on issue

Dear all,

We had designal carried board on Jetson nano. Our carried board can’t power on from power button (It’s alway auto-power-on state when plug in power adpater). We had change Nano module (SD card version and eMMC version).

a. Using Nano’s SD module, the carried board can be working from power on system, but need to push power button.
b. Using Nano’s eMMC module, the carrdied board can’t working from power on system. As we was checked the waveform of FOREC_OFF(Pin-define is “Shutdown_REQ”)

The signal and differnt the rise-time on Nano module? Have you any idea for it?


Hi, are you using the docs in DLC (B01/eMMC version) to design the carrier board? B01 carrier board is not compatible to A02 (SD card version) module. Customer should only follow B01 docs to do design.

Hi , Trumany.

Our carried board referenr B01(NV website release time on 2019/06/24) , and check all function can be working on eMMC module. We had compare A01&B01 power on/off logic(page13) and both are the same designal. So we had use two module(SD/eMMC) to check power on issue and find differnt result on it. Have you any idea for it?


Basically A02 module can’t normally work on B01 version carrier board. Since your board failed with B01 module, you might need to check the design difference between your board and B01 carrier board in DLC.