Power On Problem of TX2-4GB


I have flashed TX2-4GB om my custom board with R32.2.3 via SDKManager, then the board rebooted successfully. 
However, after power down and then on, the TX2-4GB could not boot up. There was no info to print 

by neither the hdmi display or the debug console.

Does anyone have the similar problem,or any suggestion?

It seems that the power of TX2-4GB is better to supply a litter more than 9V.
I used to supply power at 9.3v, then I upgraded it to 9.6V,the TX2-4GB board booted up successfully.

Hi, the range of TX2 4GB supply is 9V ~ 19V, there might be some cable voltage drop that makes the real supply on board is less than 9V.