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Please help me i found these logs on my jetson nano which is installed in a remote truck. What does this mean

Some information is logged about the previous boot. Your last boot was from a power reset (such as the power button or reboot button).

Power on reset is just meaning it is triggered by the power.
It may be caused from the power cut, someone pressing the reset/power button.
If you want to know more details/status of your board before reset, please capture the serial console log.

My nano is inside the casing ,therefore no chance of pressing any reset /power button. I also found this

Please reply

What can be reasons for this power reset on, of i disconnect its powrr wire and reconnect it. Can this come again?

Yes, it will.

From your log, it seems there’s wrong value in temperature output.
Are they showed in every boot? Or they showed only before you hit the reset issue?

These temp logs are of other time interval.

How can i recreate this power reset error in lab

I want to know possible reasons for this power reset error

Please reply

I can’t answer, but I will say that quality of regulation has to be good. If there is a sudden load increase, and the power supply is not well-regulated, then this might cause a reboot or shutdown marked as power reset. If that is the case, then perhaps a large capacitor (e.g., 2000uF) right at the entry point to the Jetson might fix this. If the regulation is sufficiently bad though, then this might not help.

I don’t know how you reproduce the issue…
and you should provide the detailed reproduce steps for us to verify it locally.
Or you should provide the serial console log when you hit the issue.

For the power reset, you can just cut off the power and power up the board again.

So can I conclude that the “Power Reset” error logged could be either due to a manual power cut or a bad power source ?

Yes, you can.

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