Power States

Would like to verify my understanding on the transition from various power states, in a system with SRC0GS22D (‘Simplified Button Circuitry’) and have a question on how to power-off.
Attached diagram.

  1. Battery insertion / removal transfer the system from ‘Mechanical Off’ to ‘Power Off’, where only the ‘ALWAYS_ON’ power-rails are operational.

  2. Pressing on the power-button, will transfer the system to ‘ON’ state, where all power-rails are valid, and all SOM modules are enabled and running

  3. When configured so, the SOM will enter SLEEP state, where some of its modules are disabled or has no clock running.

  4. The RTC on the SOM can be configured to return the system from ‘SLEEP’ to ‘ON’ state.

  5. If I want to be able to resume ‘ON’ from ‘Power-Off’ state, I can use external RTC on the carrier-board, and connect its wake signal to the power-button.

  6. I’m not sure on the way to power-off using the power-button - I assume that this is done by the SRC0GS22D. Do I have to use a long press? How long?

Power States.pdf (56.7 KB)

Hi, there are some power sequence figures in OEM Design Guide which you can get answer from.

About some questions, seems you have asked in other topics and got the answer, such as below ones.


Also, long press than 10s will power off system as said in OEM DG.

If you want to implement simplified power button design, the circuits in OEM DG is a full version that can be used directly.