Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano through barrel jack

I am using Jetson nano for license plate detection in the school buses. On the bus, I am only getting 24V input. I need to step down this to 5V to give input to Jetson. So I bought a DC-DC 12V/24V to 5V 4A Buck Converter Voltage Regulator Step Down Power Supply. But when I checked the output of the regulator in DSO, the voltage is varying between the max voltage of 5.46 and the minimum voltage of 4.96. The average voltage is 5.12. Can i use this regulator to power the jetson since the max voltage is 5.46? and for license plate recognition 5V 4A is enough? Please mention max input voltage jetson can withstand (through the dc jack)

Please check Power supply considerations for Jetson Nano Developer Kit - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

I want to power up the jetson nano through voltage regulator and i need to know what is the max input volage the jetson nano can withstant thriught barrel jack. It is not mentioned in the above link. Please someone help.

hi @unnikrishnan. The voltage range for Jetson Nano is 4.75v ~ 5.25v. Please check. https://developer.download.nvidia.com/assets/embedded/secure/jetson/Nano/docs/NV_Jetson_Nano_Developer_Kit_User_Guide.pdf?c3qlRzSPZ0jtMwu17i9ZDMAwWpBt8yM-PU1MLCWiNug51g8u3E7ehtV0nfr07y3uiXhTGgKuAqyuvfc2P5gngccLDun_kmnwcxcvkIZcwpfROmWi1HJmew5c7IioWFV1Pb2S2pdt1rz8e7l-01Cx6vBRNtlUKO-yVjKc_sNr-xIlglZ17vWnL9MdwfNNyLcZgUg. Also check this topic Power supply voltage tolerance .... is 5.5Volt/5Ampere ok for jetson nano? . This might help you.

Thank you