Power Supply for the Nano

Hi, I have a Jetson Nano 2GB on-hand, model P3541. Just wondering if it is alright to use a usb charger and a Type-C cable to power the Nano or should I get a proper power adapter with Type-C output?

I tested it using my phone charger with a usb to Type-C cable and the Nano powers up but when I am accessing the camera and playing around with the camera view, the Jetson will freeze when I move the camera view around too fast. So I am wondering if the power is an issue?

Has anyone been powering up their Nano using a usb charger?

You can make sure that J48 ports is short-circuit ?(DC- supply)

Hi, I powered jetson in every possible way i think.
You can use dc jack, power bank, phone adapter with any type of output thats all ok.

The important thing is supplying 5V. So check your chargers 5V output current rate, if its more than 2 it will be enough to run jetson alone. But if you want to connect another thing there may be problems.

Could you explain a bit more about the purpose for short-circuiting the pins?

Okie, thanks. I was also worried that the power supply will damage the Jetson. On the other hand would higher voltage than 5V cause issues?

I’m not sure what happens if you give overvoltage, I’m giving voltage from Matek’s power card directly now. It gives overcurrent warning, but I dont care it, No damage given yet.

@user115869 You can decide the power source, is it usb jack or dc jack.If its shortcircuited it does not care usb input, otherwise does not care dc jack input.

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