Power supply issue

Hi, I use usb-c 5V for power supply. After the first boot I installed the operating system. i entered the login credentials and Then a big NVIDIA logo appeared and then the system went out. Now when trying to boot the system the led flashes once and shuts off and nothing happens. Does anyone have the same problem?
thanks for help


are you sure you are using a 5V 2A power supply? There is no USB-C input on Jetson Nano, or do you mean an USB-C to Micro USB cable?’
Can you still get anything from UART? Or is it still recognized by SDK Manager when put into force recovery mode?

yes i have power supply 5V/3A usb → micro usb. just nothing happen… led light blick once and nothing… but but first instalation was done sucesfully…



by saying

but but first instalation was done sucesfully…

did you mean you have two identical Jetson Nano using the same power supply, but only one of them could boot up without problems?

Can you check if you can get any log from UART, or if you can put it into force recovery mode?
If both of them do not work, then I’d suggest you file for RMA.

No i have only one nano… Firstly i switched nano on and instaled linux. Then i got option between two modes> 2 or 4 cores (I think)… i selected 4 cores and confirmed that… then a i saw the nvidia logo over the whole screen and then nothing just black screen… now when i want to start it see only one short blink of led diiod. how can i can put it into force recovery mode? thanks a lot


how did you install Linux on it? Did you use SDK Manager or flashing scripts in our BSP?
Assuming you have little knowledge in flashing devices,

UART is for outputting system logs, which should be helpful in debugging, especially when your device cannot boot up. You should get a TTL-USB cable, and connect the RX wire to the TX pin on your module, vice versa for TX wire to RX pin, and establish connection on your host PC with

sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0

if your device is working properly, you should see something popping up after powering it on.

Force Recovery Mode is needed when you want to re-flash your board. You should place a jumper across the FC_REC pin and the GND pin on your module (or any other ways to connect these two pins together), and you should see

Bus <bbb> Device <ddd>: ID 0955: <7f21> Nvidia Corp.

on your host with lsusb.

i would like to use nvidia jetson nano for small AI project. yes true i do not have experience with flashing devices therefore I used sdk manager… i do not know what happed, because from the begining it seemed ok… after linux instalation the screen does not show anythink only on motheboard i see that the led light blinks once and then nothing. thanks


I need to provide the UART log for debugging, and you have to first figure out how to do it.
Something like “nothing on screen” and “led light blinked and went out” don’t really help.

I think you have to at least try to re-flash it and see how it helps.

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