Power Supply of Jetson TX2 with a powerbank: Suggestions

Which powerbank do you recommend me using for the Jetson tx2?
I have tried several but jetson is not booting

Which powerbank(s) are you using and what is their nominal voltage range and supported amperage? Have you tried 3S or 4S LiPO or 12V NiMH battery? Also, try pressing the Power button a few times in quick succession.

And try using shorter and/or larger (lower gauge) wires.

Can I use the following mobile power supply instead of a jetson tx2 devKit power transformer?

It says that supply 19V max 6A?


That sounds fine, although I’m not sure of the mAH capacity of the unit you have selected (i.e. how long it would be able to power the Jetson for) or if it comes with the correct barrel jack.

By the way, for various ways of powering the Jetson, here’s a handy screw terminal barrel connector that fits/works: