Power supply redundancy with CMC connectors

Hi all,

our application of the DRIVE AGX Pegasus inside the vehicle requires redundant power supply in case of any failure. In the Mechanical Installation Guide, I can see that both CMC-1 and CMC-2 have KL30_VBAT pins and are currently both connected to the same Anderson SB50 connector to power supply. So redundancy here would mean we would separate these two connections for two independent power sources, one connected to CMC-1 and one to CMC-2!? Can power be applied to both connectors at the same time during operation?

Just want to check if our thinking is right or if there is anything more we have to consider?!


Dear cschro,

DRIVE AGX Pegasus itself don’t support this feature, may need something external like Automatic Power Transfer Switches to support redundancy power supply.