Power supply vs Fan speed vs Network speed

Hi. I want to know whether the power supply will influence the network speed or not.
I am working on a Jetson AGX XAVIER and found something strange. My program works on LAN environment. Everything is OK if I use the default power adaptor got from the manufacturer. But if I change the power to SMPS(12V, 300W) made by ourselves, and set the Jetson PWM fan speed to 100%, the network speed will turned very slow sometimes.(A PING package will take about 100ms.) I have experenced on two Jetsons and 3 SMPSs and got the same result. So is it the SMPS’s problem or something else?

Hi @Liu-Leo

It sounds like it can be a matter of the power supply. Some ideas that come to my mind are:

  • The PSU is introducing some noise and the network starts losing packets (have you checked it?)
  • Is the power supply connected to the same port as the default power adapter?
  • Have you check the AC levels in the 12V power line? It is basically to see if we have noise in the line introduced by either the fan or your PSU


Thanks, Leon.

  1. There is no package loss from ping cmd, just very slow. I will install wireshark to see whether TCP retransmission occurred frequently or not ;
  2. Yes. The power supply connected to the same port;
  3. We have measured the noise, it is about +/-300mV. While the default power adapter is about +/-100mV. Maybe this leads to the network problem.