Power supply

So I bought a Jetson Nano developer kit in Australia and then after it arrived read that I need a microusb supply for it but according to the instructions it needs to be a very specific one otherwise it will cause problems and apparently many of the power supplys that claim to be right for it aren’t. The verified one they linked to is only found in US and when I found it on an Australian site (where I bought the Nano from) it has in big red text that this powr supply is only intended for use in the US. So can I use this kit and if so where do I get the power supply from that will be right for the Nano and will work in Australia and I can buy it in Australia.

And why not just put the power supply in the bos with it so this frustrtating situation doesn’t arise. I’d have rather paid the $5 extra and be able to use the thing instead of having to go through all of this , contacting suppliers and writing on the forum and waiting another week for replies and orderingn and paying extra shipping etc.

Moving this to the Jetson Nano forum for visibility.

Please refer to the “Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide” in DLC:

Jetson Nano Developer Kit requires a 5V power supply capable of supplying 2A current.

Micro-USB Power Supply Options

Out of the box, the developer kit is configured to accept power via the Micro-USB connector. Note that some Micro-USB power supplies are designed to output slightly more than 5V to account for voltage loss across the cable. For example, Adafruit’s GEO151UB-6025 Power Supply (validated by NVIDIA for use with the Jetson Nano Developer Kit) is designed to provide 5.25V. The critical point is that the Jetson Nano module requires a minimum of 4.75V to operate. Use a power supply capable of delivering 5V at the J28 Micro-USB connector.