Power up Jetson Nano via 12V car battery output as a power supply

Hello Nvidia Devs,

I am working on a project which is planned to be used in cars, It makes object detection and gives advice.

The programming part is almost done, I have trained my model and test it on videos in my home, however, I want to plug it into my car output to test it in real life.

What could you suggest to achieve this goal?

Please give me advice, I am really afraid to destroy my Device with any short circuit.

Have a Good day

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Hi, Jetson Nano is limited to 5V input, you need a level shift/converter to make the 12V to 5V, it is easy to get which is just like the 12v to USB output for charging mobile phone.

Thank you !

And can you advise how many Amere the Nano will need if I intend to place ‘heavy load’ of commuting it. I understand I need 5v but a bit worried about the Amperes.
Thank you.

Idk details as i am not a electrician however you should at least have 10W DC power, because of Nano uses 5V input, the ampere should is 2 from the formula W = A x V

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