Power usage on 3rd party carrier boards

I am working on a project measuring different workloads’ power consumption. We have used the official developer boards of Jetson Nano and Xavier NX. For power monitoring, we use the reading from ina3221 through the i2c driver (as per the documentation).

Now, we want to use Jetson Orin NX but couldn’t find any official developer board. So, we were thinking of using this product from seed studio. It has the official Orin NX module but 3rd party carrier board. Can we call the i2c readings from this device equivalent to an official dev board?

TLDR: Does changing the carrier board affect the power consumption reading from ina3221 (i2c)? Or is it independent of the carrier board since the chip is on module?

INA3221 power monitor is on module, working make no difference by different carrier.

Awesome. thanks!

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