Powering Jatson Nano from LiPo battery on the drone

The problem: we need to power additional MC (NVidia Jetson Nano) with Stereo Camera (Mint Eye) which consumes 4A of 5V.
The drone is powered by LiPo 3S battery via XT60 that connected directly to the power module.
We think about making custom power module with dc-dc step-down converter and insert in between battery and power module (which inc. in the kit).
The question: Any potential risks with the custom module and its connection between battery and main power module? Do I need to use capacitor in custom module?
Thank you

Hi, for Nano itself, 4A @ 5V is sufficient, the key point is the character of DC/DC which should be able to handle the peak power consumption of system. Better to estimate / test the peak value and then choose the DC/DC. You can check P3449 reference design for capacitors needed.