Powering Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

My teams has purchased a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit for a robotic cart. The micro-controller was provided with an AC/DC power adapter to power it but I don’t have it in my possession currently. However, for our application we are using batteries to power the micro-controller. My question is, what DC voltage is needed to power the micro-controller and what ranges can it be powered at? Thank you for your time.

According to previous answers: It can run on 12 to 19.5V DC and get at least 5A.
I suppose that the AGX Xavier model, similarly to the Jetson Nano, has power supply modes. First I’d choose on what mode to run the application, those power supplies range from 10 to 30W.
For the power modes I can suppose this, right?


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Also beware that if you do not regulate and isolate power, and the same supply is powering motors, inductive loads, so on, then the Xavier might unexpectedly shut down (or worse, if spikes are large enough, cause damage). There is a large range of power allowed, but the power must be stable at whatever voltage is chosen.

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Thank you FelipeVW I greatly appreciate you input!

Thank you linuxdev! That is a good point! I will make sure to purchase a voltage regulator to stabilize the 12V supply to the micro controller.