Powering jetson nano from lithium batteries

I have a jetson nano B01 and iam trying to power it from 18650 lithium batteries (3.7v 2800mah), i have 6 batteries, each 2 batteries are connected in series and the 3 (2 series batteries) are connected parallel with each other and all of them are connected to a dc-dc converter (can output 12A) which is giving constant 5v output and the jetson is powered via barrel jack.
The problem is the jetson nano is powering from the batteries but its not completing the boot.
Iam connecting a raspberry pi camera v2 and a wifi dongle to the jetson only
Thank you

Can it boot with other DC supply? If so, it might mean your power supply design is not sufficient.

It boots on a dc power supply and it booted once or twice on the batteries but sometimes it doesnt boot on batteries under the same conditions.
That’s the problem that i couldnt understand

Looks like batteries output capability issue, you might need a oscilloscope to observe if there is deep voltage drop with batteries supply.

I solved the problem, i powered the jetson from the 5v and gnd pins ( i used both 5v and gnd pins) and it worked. I dont know why it didnt run from the barrel but it worked using 5v and gnd pins.

Might be a voltage drop through the power cable where less than 5V is received at the barrel jack side. In case you can regulate the output on your dc-converter you might try increasing the output to 5.1V or even more…