Powering Jetson Nano or TX2 using BEC with 5.3 volt

we are planning to power a Jetson Nano and a Jetson TX2 NX over GPIO on a drone using a BEC that outputs 5.3 volts. Would that make a problem?
To be more clear, Jetson’s input voltage is 5 volts. Will powering it with 5.3 volts cause a problem? or the 0.3 volts can be neglected?
Maybe also related: We are using Auvidia’s JN30D boards (JN30D for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ and TX2 NX™ – Auvidea).
Thanks for helping.

The recommended operating conditions can be found in Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 NX datasheet. VDD_IN range for both platforms is 4.75~5.25V. If VDD_IN is 5.3V for extended periods, it may adversely affect device reliability. Please set VDD_IN lower.

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