Powering Jetson Xavier off 12v


I’m trying to power my jetson xavier off 12v using a barrel connector, the light comes on briefly but does not boot up. It works fine off 19v. Is there anything I need to do to get it to run using 12v?

Thanks in advance

You might try a different connector. There are 5.5mm connectors with inside diameter 2.5mm, and others with ID of 2.2mm. Find one with 2.2mm and see if it helps. Also use a fairly heavy gauge wire for delivery since electrical resistance matters more than it might otherwise seem.

Otherwise, you might need a large capacitor right at the power connector. The Xavier doesn’t use a lot of power, but at the moment of power on the unit becomes very sensitive to very short power spikes dropping voltage. During that first millisecond or two power needs to be very stable during the inrush. The previous paragraph concentrates on reducing resistance, while the capacitor works on beefing up unstable voltages at the moment of power on.

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks so much for the advice, that has worked a treat just with shorter and thicker wires, even without the capacitor. Much appreciated.