Powering JetsonTX2 with RAVPower rp-pb14

Hi all,

Is it fine to power the Jetson TX2 with RAVPower rp-pb14 (https://www.ravpower.com/downloads-RP-PB14.html).
I searched on the forum that this battery bank is able to power TX-1 Dev board.

As I look into the specification of the bank, it can output the voltage of 9V/ 12V/ 16V/ 19V/ 20V at max 4.5A.
However, as I read on the Jetson TX-2 dev kit the power rating is 5.5.V DC: 14.5A ~ 19.6VDC: 4.74A.

At 19.6V ==> 4.74A which is higher than the bank capability.

Thank you,

Hi, the power rating is the maximum value, you can use the battery bank if the power consumption of your use case will not exceed it.