Powering Raspbery Pi from NX GPIO

is it possible to programmatically power ON/ OFF Raspbe4rry Pi if it gets connected e.g. to Jetson NX GPIO somehow?
I can see that Pi for powering ON requires 5v.
What are the choices to use Jetson NX as power source for Pi in a way it would be possible to power ON/ OFF the Pi from Jetson NX by software commands?

Q1. Is it possible to trigger ON/ OFF state of Pi from Jetson NX somehow, given the Pi has separate 5v power?

Q2. Is it possible to both supply the 5V power from Jetson to Pi, but also trigger it ON/ OFF from NX somehow?

it appears that Jetson NX has two 5V pins - pins 2,4 of 40 pin GPIO header
so it seems it might be possible to power Pi from these pins, right? But how to trigger ON/OFF state from the NX ?

I think it depends on which Pi you have. The Pi 400 supposedly has a GLOBAL_EN pin that when shorted to ground powers up the Pi. I believe that there’s also a bootloader options to do the same thing with a gpio. I’m not sure if you can shut it down that way or now though.

As for power, yeah you can power the Pi from the same pins (including ground) on the Jetson, assuming the Pi isn’t too current hungry.

The easiest way to do it without trying to figure out the Pi’s wake/sleep capabilities is to just use a relay (either mechanical or solid state) driven by a Jetson GPIO. The relay could then supply power from the Jetson’s own pins 2,4 or from an external 5V supply. I actually do this to power 3D printer control boards. There are lots of relay boards designed to be controlled by GPIOs out there. The biggest thing to look out for is a flyback diode across the relay’s coil. Without it, when the coil de-engergizes it’ll send a pulse of reverse voltage back to the GPIO pin and “bad things will happen”.


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